We offer two types of training, online or in person. The online option allows you to work your way through the training material in the comfort of your own home at a pace that suits you. The in person option allows you to meet the master trainer and work with her to complete the training in one day. It's entirely up to you which option you choose depending on which works best around your schedule. If you choose the in person option you will be required to travel to our Grimsby based studio. If you purchase the instructor training package please state which option you would like, online or in person.

What Do I Need To Become An Instructor?

Burn-a-lesque is a fitness class that combines dance cardio and toning routines for an all over body workout. It is suitable for ALL fitness levels, ages, shapes and sizes. Incorporating burlesque elements, it’s a fun workout that gets RESULTS!

You do not need to have any formal qualification to be able to teach Burn-a-lesque. A passion for dance and fitness and some experience of those will be enough for you to become an instructor. We will teach and train you via our programme everything you need to know about Burn-a-lesque and how to teach it. You will then, once certified, be able to obtain the correct insurance via our Brand Certificate. If you already hold a level 2 dance fitness or level 2 exerise to music qualification the insurance you already hold will cover you to teach Burn-a-lesque.

Please note, if you don't hold any other qualification you will only be able to teach Burn-a-lesque classes using the choreography and music supplied to you via the instructor subscription. You will need a PPL license for the music and Public Liability Insurance. Both of those can be purchased through Emd. It is your responsibility to ensure you are correctly insured while delivering classes whether they are in person or online.

Once you have purchased the Instructor Programme you will have access to all the training material you need to become a certified Burn-a-lesque Instructor. You can then start running your own classes using the name Burn-a-lesque, the choreography and music provided along with all the marketing materials. You can either teach in person class, online classes or both. Please make sure you read the instructor terms and conditions here.

The cost of the Instructor Training Package is £199. Once purchased you will receive the following:

Training handbook - everything you need to know about Burn-a-lesque, how to teach it, principles of fitness, teaching tips.

Questionairre - a series of questions to answer with regards to what you have learnt from the training handbook.

Assessment materials - two training videos which you must learn and record yourself doing to pass the assessment stage of the training.

Certificate - supplied to you once you have passed the assessment.

What are the benefits of becoming a Burn-a-lesque instructor?

UNIQUENESS: Offer something new and exciting in your area and or online that is suitable for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

CHOREOGRAPHY & MUSIC: Receive NEW choreography and music every 3 months to keep your classes fresh and keep people coming back for more!

FREE MARKETING: Receive the Burn-a-lesque logo, Facebook and Instagram ready made posts, information on how to market your classes and ongoing support while you are an active instructor

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: Your classes and events will be featured on all our social media platforms and our website, to help spread the word about YOUR classes!

WEBSITE PAGE: A personalised page on our website which will contain information about just you and your classes. You can send information to us and we will update it for you as and when required.

Is There A License Fee & What Is It For?

There is a low licence fee of just £25 per month, or £275 for the year. If you pay for the year you are making a saving of £25 meaning you are getting one month free.

Your license fee includes all of the following:

* A new class volume of choreography and music every 3 months (Jan, April, July & October)

* Customised Marketing Materials for you to use on your social media pages and website including adverts, quotes and motivational posts

* Marketing & Social Media Support including setting up social media pages and a website if required

* Advise on being self employed and what you need to do for tax purposes

* An Instructor Bio page on our website so we can advertise you and your classes

* Free advertising of you and your classes across our social media pages

* Discounted Burn-a-lesque Merchandise

* Discounted workshops and masterclasses

* Ongoing support and advice with regards to teaching your classes, advertising and marketing

* Regular sharing of you posts on our social media platforms

* Regular online meetings with the founder and other instructors so you can ask questions and share ideas

* Access to our private instructors Facebook group

To purchase the training package and start your Burn-a-lesque journey, please visit this link

It will take you to the app where you can purchase safely and securely.

If you would prefer to pay via Bank Transfer please email and the details will be sent to you.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Burn-a-lesque family x