Burn-a-lesque was born from a love for Burlesque dancing and all things sassy. My Name is Georgina and I have a dance background of Latin American, Ballroom, Line Dancing, Chair Burlesque and Showgirl fitness.

As a young child I passed all the examinations for Latin American and Ballroom dancing, accredited by the International Dance Teachers Association and took part in competitions throughout the country. As a teenager through to my mid 20's I taught those dance formats. Life took over for a while and the dancing stopped.

In my late 30's I discovered Burlesque dancing. Stepping out of my comfort zone I joined my nearest class and haven't looked back since! Having gone to those classes for over a year my confidence grew, I had missed dancing. I decided to train in Showgirl fitness to become an Instructor. Burlesque isn't for everyone but combined with aerobic exercises, its an amazing way to get fit, have fun, meet new people, build confidence and do something a little different.

Having always struggled with my weight, I discovered that by combining cardio and toning into one class, losing weight and toning up was possible. I am now 3 stone down and maintaining that loss with Burn-a-lesque classes. This form of fitness really does generate results. Not only have I lost the weight, I have managed to keep it off, tone up and get physically fitter and stronger. I can really see and feel the difference in myself.

Burlesque Classes

When creating Burn-a-lesque it was important to me that the classes are available to all. It doesn't matter what your fitness level, age, shape or size this class is suitable for everyone. I know how daunting it can be walking into a new class or gym and seeing already fit, slim people. Its disheartening. I'm all about building body confidence in my class particpants and therefore pride myself in ensuring that this is accessible fitness for anyone who wants to take part. I have ladies of all shapes and sizes attending my classes and its amazing to see.

Here are a few photographs of myself, before and after from when I started Showgirl Fitness nearly 2 years ago now. I'm proud of my results and I love helping others achieve their goals too.