Thank you for choosing the Bunr-a-lesque Instructor programme. By purchasing this programme you are agreeing to the following:I

Instructor Programme Information
1. To pay the initial cost of £199 to become a Burn-a-lesque Instructor. This payment will give you the right to teach this programme, use the name Burn-a-lesque and will give you instant access to the most recent volume, all advertising material, the company logo and the information you need to be able to set up your classes.

2. You will provide evidence of your previous fitness instructor experience, this can be done by providing your certificates or social media page(s) to prove you are or have previously taught a fitness / dance fitness programme. If you do not have these please contact us. Depending on the experience you have your application to become an instructor will be judged on an individual basis.

3. You agree to pay the monthly fee of £20 (by direct debit or standing order) or the yearly fee of £220 by Bank Transfer (saving you £20) which will give you ongoing access to all of the following:

* Routines and music – 4 volumes a year will be provided. They will be at the beginning of Jan, April, July and October of each year. Each volume will provide enough material for you to teach a 60 minute standard class. This is half an hour dance cardio and half an hour toning.

*Advertising material – Instagram and Facebook adverts, class description adverts, meet the instructor template, customer review template, motivational quotes.

*Fitness and wellbeing challenges – 30 day health and wellbeing challenges, 30 day fitness challenges, health tips and tricks.

* Discounted workshops and masterclasses – as well as the standard volumes included in your subscription you will also have access to purchase, at an instructors discounted rate, additional volumes as and when they become available, masterclasses and workshops. Included will be things like hen party training, handheld fan class, feather boa class, balloon girl class and special edition volumes to name just a few.

*An Instructor Bio will be created for you using information you provide to us about yourself on the website advertising yourself and your classes.

*Social Media Advertising - Posts from your social media pages will also be shared regularly on our social media platforms.

*Ongoing Support – Help, support and advice will be provided to help you set up your classes including tips and tricks on how to advertise, where to advertise and how to structure your classes.

Teaching the Programme
1. You will not teach any Burn-a-lesque classes that do not follow the principles, structure and choreography of Burn-a-lesque.

2. You will not teach a Burn-a-lesque class to anyone who has not completed a PAR-Q form.

3. You will not teach Burn-a-lesque classes without holding the correct insurance. Burn-a-lesque do not provide you with this, you must have your own Public Liability Insurance to cover your classes and the correct PPL insurance to cover the music. Burn-a-lesque are in no way responsible for this. You must source this independently and Burn-a-lesque can not be held responsible in any way, if you operate without the correct insurances in place.

4. As a Burn-a-lesque instructor you are representing our brand, therefore you must conduct yourself appropriately. You agree to act in a legal, professional, non detrimental manner at all times. You must not act in a sexist, lewd, racist, illegal or discriminatory way in any instance.

5. Burn-a-lesque does not guarantee any level of success or income generated by or in connection with the Instructor programme or classes you run.

6. You may not sub licence, rent or transfer or otherwise allow any third party to use your rights under this agreement.

7. Your ability to teach Burn-a-lesque may be revoked if you are found to be in breach of any of the terms in this agreement. Upon termination you must cease to teach the programme.

8. Burn-a-lesque welcomes constructive input and suggestions however you must not speak negatively about the company and its content in any context, in any forum.

9. You agree to not record more than 30 seconds of any routine provided by Burn-a-lesque that you share publicly on your social media platforms. This is due to copyright.

10. Burn-a-lesque reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions as it see fit at any time. If this happens you will be notified of any changes as they are made.

11. You understand and acknowledge that aspects of the Burn-a-lesque Instructor Course will include physical activity and use of equipment and that there are certain risks associated with that, including risk of serious personal and/or bodily injury, death, or damage to or loss of property. You voluntarily assume all risk and to the extent permitted by law, waive any right to a potential claim against Burn-a-lesque arising from or related to your participation, instruction, classes, or activities including the associated physical activity and equipment.

12. You may be subject to review on a yearly basis by Burn-a-lesque sole discretion to ensure you remain up to date about the companies working and teaching methods, practices and knowledge. Reviews may be carried out either by the Burn-a-lesque company owner visiting one of your classes or by requesting a video of you teaching a class. You will be informed if this is required an by which means.

Subscription Options
You may cancel your Burn-a-lesque subscription at any time. If you cancel you must cancel the direct debit or standing order and cease to teach the programme immediately. Once cancelled if you wish to start teaching again you can contact us at any time and we would happily welcome you back on board. You would be required to purchase the Instructor Programme again due to you cancelling and ceasing to be an instructor.

If you wish to take a break from teaching Burn-a-lesque but you do not want to cancel your subscription, you may place your membership on hold. You must reduce your monthly subscription to £2.50 and email us to let us know you are taking a break. During the time your membership is on hold you may not teach Burn-a-lesque. You will however be kept informed via email, of new releases, updates and information that all active members receive. You may rejoin at any time by increasing your monthly subscription to the full amount. Please contact us to let us know you are doing this. While your account is on hold you will not receive any of the new volumes. Once you have reinstated your subscription, you will receive the latest volume. You will not receive any of the volumes you have missed but you may purchase these separately if you wish.

Ownership of Intellectual Property
You acknowledge and agree that Burn-a-lesque is the sole owner of the name, logo, copyrighted materials, ideas, concepts and advertising materials. You agree not to make any changes, alterations or modifications to any of the materials provided to you.

You acknowledge and agree not to manufacture, of any kind, any merchandise using the name Burn-a-lesque. You will not create, disctrubute or sell any merchandise. This can only be purchased through the company.

You agree not to register or create (or attempt to) any domain names, social media pages or other platforms using the name Burn-a-lesque. You may use the name Burn-a-lesque alongside your name if you wish but using just Burn-a-lesque is not permitted. The website and social media pages baring just the name Burn-a-lesque belong to the company and you will in no way, try to create a duplication of this.

You acknowledge and agree not to use any of the advertising material provided to you in an inappropriate manner. You will not copy, reproduce, duplicate, create, sell or distribute the materials provided to you. They are for instructors of Burn-a-lesque to use to advertise and market their classes.

Class Formats and Structure Information
A standard class is 60 minutes. Half an hour of dance cardio and half an hour of Toning. You will start with a warm up routine and finish with a cool down routine.

The warm up and cool down routines are the same for each volume. You will be provided with these separately to the volumes you receive. You are however, welcome to choreograph your own warm up and cool down routines if you wish.

As you acquire more volumes you are free to mix and match the routines as you see fit. The following options are available to you class wise, if you wish to offer more than just the standard class format:
1. Standard class 60 minutes cardio and toning
2. Express cardio class 30 or 45 minutes cardio routines
3. Express toning class 30 or 45 minutes toning routines
4. Toning class 60 minutes toning routines
5. Cardio class 60 minutes cardio routines

As you can see, there are various options available to you, the more volumes you have. You are welcome to mix and match the routines from each volume to create your own class to suit the needs and requirements of your participants.